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Child Development Center

The Child Development Center (CDC) is a school for migrant children from Burma who are unable to attend Thai Schools. The CDC provides general education to children from preschool through 12th Grade while also reinforcing cultural traditions to children who have been displaced from Burma. There are tens of thousands of children living along the Thai-Burma border who are in need of education.

The CDC educates 900 children, 200 of whom are being cared for in boarding facilities.  The parents see education as critical for their children and their future.  In Burma, the families could not afford to send their children to schools.  At the CDC, classes are free to the children as international agencies fund the school. 

Currently the CDC offers a wide variety of classes including: Thai, Burmese, English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Geography, History, Social Studies, Community Development and Computer Skills.

CDC is working with the Thai government to become accredited.



Volunteer Opportunities: Child Development Center can use volunteers who are able to commit at least two weeks to tutoring English, or teachers who are able to commit longer periods of time to teach different subject matter.

To learn more about whether this volunteer opportunity is a good fit for you, please email Jen.

Donations: The school also needs donations for providing dormitory care for the students. All donations made through BHM will be used to provide scholarships for students to attend CDC, minus paypal donation processing fees.  You can also donate to CDC by writing a check to BHM and putting CDC in the memo section.


Donate to support Child Development Center:

Donate to support Child Development Center:

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