Burma Humanitarian Mission

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Our Vision

Burma Humanitarian Mission seeks a healthy and vibrant Burma where the human rights of all people are protected and empowers people from around the world to exercise their health to support and advocate on behalf of the people of Burma.


BHM supports community-based backpack medics who administer village healthcare services in Burma, grass-roots education projects that empower the youth of Burma and projects that promote cross-cultural sharing and collaboration for refugees from Burma living in the U.S.


We support the people of Burma in developing their own solutions. As such we respond to their initiatives, providing the support they ask for. We believe that every dollar you donate can save a life in Burma and act with a high level of financial responsibility and accountability.


BHM was founded in 1999 by a group of friends. Today, we remain a small, streamlined organization with a board of 5 people. We support, promote and empower independent grass-roots initiatives led by our partner organizations. Together we serve over 50,000 villagers with medical care and support education efforts that touch over 500,000 lives annually.

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