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Myanmar Center for Civic Leadership

Myanmar Center for Civic Leadership supports the next generation of community and political leaders in Myanmar in fostering a just, peaceful and tolerant society.

Myanmar Center for Civic Leadership is founded on the belief that political and social inclusion is the bedrock of a peaceful, just, and tolerant society. MCCL seeks to empower disadvantaged and underrepresented communities in Myanmar. Through trainings, workshops, classes, and outreach programs, the Center encourages individual and community leadership. ​

Each MCCL program includes a required outreach capstone -- an opportunity for participants to put their leadership skills to practical use and provide direct benefit to their communities while still receiving practical support and guidance through their classes and workshops. This model merges theory with action to fully prepare leaders to effect positive change in their country.

Myanmar Peace Makers

The Myanmar Peace Makers program is designed to give young community leaders the opportunity to: 1) study issues of hate speech and misinformation in Myanmar, 2) build a community of young activists from across the country, and 3) design their own project to reduce hate speech and increase tolerance in their community.

Women's Peace Tables

Women in Myanmar have been excluded from active participation in society, through unequal access to education, lower pay, exposure to violence and lack of representation in the peace process. The Myanmar Center for Civic Leadership is proud to join #WomenSeriously to launch the Myanmar Women’s Peace Tables project.

Youth Community Development

Designed for marginalized youth, this program empowers a demographic often excluded from community decisions. For the first half of the course, students learn the basic structure of community development, including project proposal, design, and implementation. For the second half of the course, they put these skills to use, designing a community development project that they can implement in their own neighborhood.

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